Soul Discovery coloring book

Full Moon Supplies

$ 14.95 


The Soul Discovery Coloring Book invites readers to: •Noodle: use silence, reflection, staring off into space, allowing images to come •Doodle: not drawing to replicate, but allowing •Color: allowing the colors to choose you •Scribble or soul write: scribbling because when we soul write we write fast and messy to get ahead of our conscious mind For each of the 22 key questions there are 4 pages: the first poses and explores the question and provides an image to color, the second provides an image to color plus space to scribble and doodle, the third offers a quote or small inspiration design for free drawing, and the fourth offers blank space to allow the reader to complete their exploration through writing or coloring. Adult coloring books are all the rage and The Soul Discovery Coloring Book comes with the added benefit of helping readers to reach deep within themselves to connect with the divine. The result? The reader not only colors a beautiful picture, but also creates a beautiful life.