Love Spells

Full Moon Love Spell

Meditate to clear your mind and focus your energy. Cast a circle and call forth the elements.
Optional: Invoke your deity associated with love.

Dress a red or pink candle with your herb(s) and/or essential oil(s). Charge your candle with intent.

Light the candle and visualize your goal of love.
Optional: Write on a piece of paper your name and your crush overlapping. Fold the paper toward you.

Upon this blessed full moon night
I ask [God and/or Goddess] to please unite
two souls so that we may find true love
As we gaze upon the moon above
As we fan the flames of passion, two hearts as one we'll be
By the power of this full moon night
Bring forth my love, so mote it be.

Optional: Leave an offering for your chosen deity upon completion of the spell.

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More Love spells coming soon!