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How I Became a Witch

How I Became a Witch

I didn't grow up in a religious family. We never went to church, or even discussed religion. The one exception in my young life was when I went to Sunday school a couple of times.  My mom had to work, and Sunday school was cheaper than a babysitter.

I not only went through life without religion, I also had no sense of spirituality. I really didn't feel any lacking due to the absence of spirituality, because I had never known it. I didn't really feel any type of emptiness or need for it.

Then, about six years ago, everything changed. I suddenly felt an emptiness inside. I felt, for the first time, a desire for some sense of spirituality. Not a need for a religion, necessarily, but a need for a connection with what might be called the divine, or oneness with nature, or the universe, or something like that.  It may have been brought about because I was very unhappy with my life, and had nowhere to turn for comfort and guidance.

My family is Scandinavian by heritage, and I've always been interested in Viking history. So I looked into pagan beliefs, and the religion of Asatru in particular, to see if any of those might seem appealing to me. They did a little, but not enough to "convert" me to any particular belief. Wicca seemed the most appealing, but still had too much of a religious aspect to it for my tastes. But, the witchcraft aspect of Wicca did intrigue me, so I explored that further.

After learning more about witchcraft, the more and more I became interested in it. Then, at one particularly low point in my life, I decided to try a spell. Sort of. I didn't really know what I was doing, and tried something very simple. I sat by my window, lit a candle, gazed up at the moon, and asked for help. I was very emotional at this moment, and with tears streaming down my cheeks, I simply asked for the power to change my circumstances, and overcome my troubles. Not asking for all my troubles to magically disappear, but for the strength to overcome my sadness, and find peace. 

And then, something very unexpected happened. I had a spiritual experience! It was unlike anything I had ever felt before. It was a very powerful, life-changing experience. It gave me a sense of peace that I never thought possible. And I've been hooked ever since!

Since that moment, I studied witchcraft more and more.  Spell casting, the phases of the moon, the Sabbats, the God and Goddess, the elements and elemental beings, candle magick, and meditation. I thirstily drank in all the knowledge I could, and felt exhilarated by it all.

Then I set up my first altar! I went to an online witchcraft supplies store, and bought everything I thought I needed. I probably went a little overboard, but I didn't care. I wanted it all! I bought a Grimoire, an altar cloth, a pentacle, a chalice, an athame, a wand, tumbled stones, candle holders, God and Goddess candles, a pendulum, an offering bowl, loads of pillar and chime candles, an herb cupboard, herbs and essential oils, incense, sage, a mortar and pestle, an altar table, a magickal robe, and a pentagram necklace. Like I said, I might have gone a little overboard! But if I was going to have an altar, I wanted it to the best altar I could make, and it was awesome! I love my altar, and I find comfort, strength, and excitement whenever I sit at it.

I then started to become very interested in movies and tv shows that had a positive view of witchcraft. While I knew that Hollywood representations of witches and witchcraft were anything but authentic, I really enjoyed them for their entertainment value. I watched movies like The Craft and Practical Magic, and became obsessed the Charmed! I think I've watched the entire series about five times!

I also love listening to Witchcraft podcasts. Down at the Crossroads with Chris Orapello, The Wigglian Way Pagan with Sparrow & Mojo, Ariel’s Druidic Craft of the Wise and A Witch’s Primer with Ariel Gatoga, Hippie Witch with Joanna DeVoe, Modern Witch with Devin Hunter, and others.

I now have a magical practice that I enjoy, and draw strength from. It has truly been a positive influence on my life. I'm very thankful I took that leap of faith that one night, and unexpectedly gained a sense of spirituality I never believed possible.

So, that’s my story on how I became a witch.  And to all my fellow witches, I salute you!  And I'm honored to be among those of you who are walking the path.

Blessed be.

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