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3 Steps to a Daily Magickal Practice.

3 Steps to a Daily Magickal Practice.

Just like putting off cleaning, or exercising, or any of the things we should do, it’s easy to neglect your magickal practice. Work, family, friends, and responsibilities can make us busy to the point we put off going to our altar, casting spells, replacing our witchcraft supplies, reading, meditating, etc. After a while, we’re so used to not doing it, that that becomes the norm.

A magickal practice takes discipline. Just like eating right, exercising, working, cleaning, and taking care of your responsibilities. All the things in life that you know you should do, but get so busy and overwhelmed, that you just don’t have the time, or the energy, or the will, to do them.

Then comes the guilt and regret that comes from procrastinating, and not taking care of the things in life we know we need to do.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can take the steps necessary today to achieve all of your goals, and feel good about getting things done.

Here are three simple steps you can take to achieve your goal of a daily magical practice, and anything else you desire to achieve.

  1. Start slow. Take just a few minutes to sit at your altar, and just relax. Take deep breaths, focus your mind, and your energy. You don’t have to cast a circle, make a potion, do a spell, etc. You’d be surprised at just how much better you’ll feel from taking a few minutes out of the day to strengthen your spiritual well-being. It’s like exercising. It’s easy to put off exercising because we don’t have time to really put the effort in. But, if you were to just do a few sit-ups, or a quick ten-minute jog, or few minutes of stretching, it won’t overwhelm you, and the benefits of doing a little bit every day, is far greater than exercising for a few hours, once a year.
  2. Make it part of your daily routine. We all have routines we do every day. Like making coffee, showering, brushing our teeth, eating, etc. Just make your practice part of your daily routine, and it won’t feel overwhelming at all. They say if you do something every day for a few weeks, it becomes such a part of your routine, that it feels odd not to do them. Doing the right things every day, will make you want to do them, because you won’t feel right if you don’t.
  3. Stay focused. Plan all of your goals, every day. Even if you can’t finish them. Just do a little bit, and you will eventually finish. And, you will feel so good for doing it.

Benefits of a daily practice are focused energy and the satisfaction that you’ve accomplished your goals. You have the power to do it. All it takes is one simple step in the right direction. Believe you can do it, and you will.

Blessed be. 

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