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3 Easy Steps for More Successful Spells

3 Easy Steps for More Successful Spells

A simple guide to aid in your ritual and spellwork.


1. Deep meditation and trance state.
Achieving a deep trance state is essential for successful spellwork. When you’re in a deep meditative state, your spell has a better chance of reaching your deep mind, or unconscious mind. From there, your unconscious mind will take the necessary steps and actions towards your goal, without even you having to think about it. Once you’re in that place, magick has a chance to do its thing, and manifest your desires.
Find a meditation that works for you and your spell. There are loads of guided meditation podcast and YouTube videos out there, so just try and find the ones that work for you. It may be a bit time-consuming, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

2. Easy spells
Start off with very easy spells. Something you can easily manifest, even without the help of magick. It can be as simple as casting a spell for a new throw pillow. Then, if it doesn’t manifest on its own, just buy a new pillow. The point is to train your mind to think, “When I cast a spell, it comes to pass.” Then, when you do bigger spells, your deep mind will still think, “This will happen.”

3. Daily Practice
Do something every single day to help your spell be successful. Whether it’s something big, like going back to school, or something small, like a 5-minute meditation. The more steps you take toward your goal in the mundane world, the further along you’ll be in the magickal world. Believe in yourself, and be confident that your spell will work.

While it’s important to make strides towards your goals, it’s also important not to dwell over the outcome of your spell. Like when a farmer plants his seeds, he doesn’t stare at them every day anxiously waiting for them to grow. He plants them, then provides the right conditions for them to grow, and just lets them grow. He knows that not every single seed will yield, but if he plants enough, and the conditions are right, he will have a good crop. That’s the way you have to look at your spells. Provide the right environment for your spells to work, and just let them work.

It’s also important to accept that your spell might not manifest in the way that you envisioned. Sometimes the outcome of a spell may be the one you need, and not necessarily the one you’d hoped for. But in most cases, the results are much better than you expected.

We wish you all success in your spellwork, and are here to answer any questions you might have. Just reach out to us on Facebook @ facebook.com/fullmoonwiccansupplies/

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Blessed Be.

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