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Is your familiar plotting to kill you? Know the warning signs.

Is your familiar plotting to kill you?  Know the warning signs.

Have you ever tripped over your cat(s) and yelled, “Are you trying to kill me?!”  Of course you have. They’re notorious for that kind of shady shit.  But were they actually plotting to kill you?  The following is a list of ways to find out if your furry familiar is out to get you.


A cat’s weight increases when they’re lying on you

cats can seem to weigh ten times heavier when they’re lying on us.  This is a trick they learned from ancient ninja assassin cats.  They used this ability to trap and smother their victims.  If your cat is trained in the ancient ninja assassin cat martial arts, look out.


cat-kill2They snub their dry food and just stare at you.  Cats are carnivorous.  They love the thrill of the hunt, and the savage reward at the end.  Dry food does not provide them with the satisfaction that killing does.  You are full of meat, and they know this.  Your cat no doubt thinks about eating you often.


They only run between your legs when you’re carrying things

Coincidence?  No.  They realize that humans carrying heavy objects have a higher probability of dying if they trip.  This is your cat’s way of seizing the opportunity to finish you off once and for all.


They always try and get in the bathroom when you’re in there

Cats know that when you’re in the bathroom, you are likely disrobed, and therefore more vulnerable to attack.  Cats refer to bathrooms as “The Kill Room”.


They won’t let you rub their bellies

If your cat attacks if your fingers go anywhere near their tummy, there’s a very good reason for it.  Your cat is likely hiding weapons in its belly fur, and does not want you to discover them.


They dig in your house plants

They’re not doing this for fun. They are practicing they’re burying skills to hide your body.


I’ll have to end the article here.  My cat is looking extremely suspicious, and I must prepare for the emanate attack.  Stay safe, fellow witches.

Imbolc, The Coming of the Light

Imbolc, The Coming of the Light

Whether you call it Imbolc, Candlemas, or Brigid’s Day, February 1st, 2017, marks midwinter in the solar calendar. It’s the time when we prepare to transition from the cold hash darkness of winter, and into the warm inviting light of spring. Depending on your tradition, you may hold a celebration for the Goddess Brigid, the Celtic goddess of fire, fertility, and youth. Or you may celebrate the transition point of the threefold Goddess, from Crone to Maiden, or you may celebrate the cycles of the season. No matter your personal tastes, now is the time to acknowledge mother earth, it’s renewal, healing, and re-birth. And the hope and joys that this time of renewal brings.

It can also be a time of "Spring Cleaning", whether physically or symbolically. It’s the time when we de-clutter things in our life, in order to create room for the goddess to come and plant the seeds of spiritual renewal.

Some recommended Pagan and Wiccan Supplies.

Incense: Cinnamon, Rosemary, Frankincense, and Myrrh

Candle Magick Colors: White, Orange, Red

May this wondrous time bring hope and renewal of spirit to you all.

Blessed Be. )O(

3 Easy Steps for More Successful Spells

3 Easy Steps for More Successful Spells

A simple guide to aid in your ritual and spellwork.


1. Deep meditation and trance state.
Achieving a deep trance state is essential for successful spellwork. When you’re in a deep meditative state, your spell has a better chance of reaching your deep mind, or unconscious mind. From there, your unconscious mind will take the necessary steps and actions towards your goal, without even you having to think about it. Once you’re in that place, magick has a chance to do its thing, and manifest your desires.
Find a meditation that works for you and your spell. There are loads of guided meditation podcast and YouTube videos out there, so just try and find the ones that work for you. It may be a bit time-consuming, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

2. Easy spells
Start off with very easy spells. Something you can easily manifest, even without the help of magick. It can be as simple as casting a spell for a new throw pillow. Then, if it doesn’t manifest on its own, just buy a new pillow. The point is to train your mind to think, “When I cast a spell, it comes to pass.” Then, when you do bigger spells, your deep mind will still think, “This will happen.”

3. Daily Practice
Do something every single day to help your spell be successful. Whether it’s something big, like going back to school, or something small, like a 5-minute meditation. The more steps you take toward your goal in the mundane world, the further along you’ll be in the magickal world. Believe in yourself, and be confident that your spell will work.

While it’s important to make strides towards your goals, it’s also important not to dwell over the outcome of your spell. Like when a farmer plants his seeds, he doesn’t stare at them every day anxiously waiting for them to grow. He plants them, then provides the right conditions for them to grow, and just lets them grow. He knows that not every single seed will yield, but if he plants enough, and the conditions are right, he will have a good crop. That’s the way you have to look at your spells. Provide the right environment for your spells to work, and just let them work.

It’s also important to accept that your spell might not manifest in the way that you envisioned. Sometimes the outcome of a spell may be the one you need, and not necessarily the one you’d hoped for. But in most cases, the results are much better than you expected.

We wish you all success in your spellwork, and are here to answer any questions you might have. Just reach out to us on Facebook @ facebook.com/fullmoonwiccansupplies/

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Blessed Be.

7 Essential Ritual Tools

7 Essential Ritual Tools

Altar Tools for Spells and Ritual.

Whether you’re a fledgling witchling, or an adept, magickal tools can aid you in focusing and unlocking your natural power. The tools of a witch are very ancient symbols which aid us in unlocking centers of power that are deep within us. Each tool serves as a physical representation of an invisible principle, so that we may train our minds to create the powerful magick we desire.

1. Your Magickal Wand. While they may not shoot lightning like in Harry Potter, they are very powerful tools. The wand is usually attributed to the element of air. It’s a thoughtful, and compelling tool. It’s used to invoke deities or angels, devotions, prayers, invocations, and petitions. Some witches will use different types of wands for different magical workings. How you use your wand is entirely up to you.

2. Your Athame. Arguably the most powerful tool, the Athame can aid in focusing your power, psychic energy and will. It’s typically used to draw magickal circles, charge amulets, and more, by focusing your energy in to the handle, and out the tip of the blade. Some witches use their athame exclusively for ritual and meditation, and will use a second blade, called a boline, for carving chopping, and cutting.

3. Your Chalice. Some see the chalice as a symbol of the womb of the goddess. You can use it in different ways, such as mixing potions, holding salt and water for cleansing or ritual, or (my favorite) drinking ritual wine. You can also use two chalices, one for salt and water, and one for ritual wine.

4. Your Pentacle. The pentacle is an altar tile with a five pointed star. It’s a powerful and ancient symbol used to charge spells, candle rituals, consecrating tools and more.

5. Your Incense burner. Also called a thurible, it’s used for creating smoke and fragrance. In addition to incense, magical herb mixtures for spell work can be burned. You’ll need special incense charcoal for burning herbs and incense. Do not use BBQ charcoal, it is poisonous.

6. Your cauldron. Every witch needs a cauldron Haha! If it isn’t big enough for a bubbling brew, you can still use it for mixing herbs and potions.

7. Your Book of Shadows. You may come to love this tool the most. It’s a record of all your magickal work. Just like in our favorite show, Charmed, you’ll want to consult your Book of Shadows to see if you can use an existing spell to aid you in your magickal work. The book of shadows, or a BOS, or grimiore, is a book filled your spells, incantations, ceremonies, recipes, and anything else you like. This is your main and most treasured book. You might also like to keep a magical diary, to record what you said, what you did, and the results you obtained. Some witches keep a recipe book, for all their potions, herb mixtures, oils, and incense. Some also keep a dream diary to record their time spent in the dream realm.

You’ll of course keep your tools on your altar, or stored away for use on your altar. Many witches prefer to keep symbols of the four elements, earth, air, fire, and water, on their altar. These can be rocks for the element of earth (tumbled stones are pretty and inexpensive). Incense for the element of air. If you’re in a position where burning incense isn’t an option, a nice feather can also be used. A candle for the element of fire. And a filled chalice for the element of water.

You might also like other magickal items on your altar, such as altar cloth (different colored cloths can be used for different rituals, spells and seasons. God and Goddess candles (Typically white for God, and black for Goddess). Altar candles for reading light. A small chest or cupboard to store your herbs and oils. A pendulum for scrying and divination. A candle snuffer, both for ease of extinguishing candles, and to show respect to fire. And lastly, statues of your favorite Gods and Godesses, or fairies and other magickal creatures to grace your magickal work space.

Your tools and altar are a great way to put you in a magickal frame of mind, and to encourage you to adopt a daily magickal practice.

Brightest Blessings.